Our Firm

As a small firm, we focus our energies on refining expertise in certain areas.

  • Real estate law
  • Business law including corporate and commercial matters
  • Trusts and estates which includes wills, powers of attorney, guardianship and probate law
  • Federal and provincial taxation issues including estate freezes and family trusts
  • Civil litigation extending to commercial matters, family law, employer/employee relations including wrongful dismissal, and estate disputes

We have specialized training in alternative dispute resolution and mediation which play an expanded role in the way clients settle problems.

Because of our size, all matters are handled personally and quickly. Each of us is readily available.

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Our Values

What makes the team at Kaplan Freeman unique is that we are listeners first – and the talking comes later. We want to understand our clients’ needs prior to initiating a transaction or solving a problem.

 We go to great pains to explain things that allow our clients to understand the procedures and their options. How long will things take?  How much will it cost?  In a world driven by streamlining and speeding up process, Kaplan Freeman remains client focused and delivers services in a highly personal way for each individual’s needs.

Our experienced staff handle the very important nitty gritty of the clerical work, but Allan Kaplan, John Freeman and their law associates handle all legal work directly with no juniors or students taking over. We value direct personal interaction and then add the best that technology and strategy can offer to make the process fluid and cost effective.

In many areas, we believe in setting and publishing fixed prices for our legal work wherever possible. Allan Kaplan was one of the first lawyers in Ontario, if not the first, to move away from using a percentage tariff for real estate in favour of a published, fixed schedule. In most cases, you will know what it will cost before you make a commitment. That way we can pay attention to your requirements — not to the clock!